H2O Energy Flow is a new addition to the specialty foods grocery industry.  Because of our ability to compete with national brands on price and our differentiators such as non-GMO status, H2O Energy Flow has been very well received by grocery stores, health and wellness specialty stores, chiropractic clinics, weightless facilities and compounding pharmacies.  If you’re a distributor or a retailer interested in carrying H2O Energy Flow, please contact us.

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Enjoy Better Health

Do you experience fatigue, headaches or body aches and pains?

These are all symptoms of dehydration or drinking water that is energetically dead water. H2O Energy Flow specializes in frequency imprinting of water and providing the best available pH at 7.8. It starts by taking water from the original spring source and energizing it through an all-natural process; which means there are no added chemicals or artificial ingredients, setting the stage for optimal health.

Drink to Better Health

Learn more about improving your water.

To learn more about the benefits of frequency imprinting of water and how to identify energetically dead water, register for our monthly information e-newsletter and receive our free guide, "Is Your Water Dead - Tips on how to Bring it Back to Life". Learn everything you need to know wabout the water you are drinking but are too afraid to ask.

H2O Energy Flow Corporate Office
True H2O Distributors, Inc.
Customer Service: +1 888 602 6568
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E-mail: drink@h20energyflow.com

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Thank you for your interest in H2O Energy Flow® Water and True H2O Distributing, Inc. True H2O Distributing Services, a leading bottled water manufacturer that offers home and office bottled water delivery across the United States through a network of regional distributors, will deliver crisp, refreshing water right to your door.

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