Myth 8 – Tap Water Is Safe

In a perfect world we would all have a natural spring bubbling up in our back yard where we could get a drink in the morning and fill up our glass container to take along to work or school. The fact is municipalities need to get clean water to their people and most do a good job. Public water sources must neutralize pathogens and most use chlorine to accomplish this. When chlorine reacts with organic compounds a toxic byproduct is produced called trihalomethanes. These compounds encourage the growth of free radicals that are responsible for various diseases.

Other places use a less reactive product , chloramines, but some people get rashes from this and chloramines may leach more lead from older pipes.

So when it comes to tap water everyone must do their own research as to what kind of water you and your family are drinking and bathing in.

NOTE: Some people won’t drink their tap water but still shower in it , wash their clothes, clean their dishes , make their soups. You can absorb more water through your skin with a bath or shower than you may drink all day. Consider a shower filter in such a case.