Myth 7 – Higher pH Is Better

High pH (alkalized) water seems to be the rage lately. Since we want a body that is alkaline as apposed to acidic it seems to make sense to drink water as high in pH as possible to off set whatever is making our body acidic. But let’s take a closer look.
The body is all about being in balance. Water inside the cell is slightly acidic while the water outside of the cell is slightly alkaline. This balance creates an electrical current that draws water into the cell. When the outside water becomes acidic from bad diet, stress or disease the current is interrupted and less hydration occurs. Alkaline water does not correct this condition. Though the person drinking the alkaline water may actually feel better short term the alkaline water is throwing off the body’s natural balance. Continued use of high alkaline water will cause digestion problems by diluting stomach acid making the body produce more hydrochloric acid. This process results in the loss of hydrogen from inside the cells.

Maintain a balance pH by eating raw fruits and vegetables not high alkaline water.