Myth 1 – Drink 8 Glasses a Day

Myth 1 – Drink 8 Glasses a Day

We drink water to be better hydrated. It’s called hydration because it’s about getting more hydrogen into one’s cells. If all water was the same a set amount of water, like 8 glasses a day, may apply. Structured water has the ability to hold more hydrogen. (See “what is structured water”) Depending on what type of water you drink, what’s in the water and what your diet consist of all can be factors in how much you should drink.

What is structured water?

Books have been written about the new science of water like : The Fourth phase of water by professor Gerald Pollack and Dancing with water by M J Pangman and Melanie Evans.
Basically, water has the ability to structure itself into a hexagonal shape by the water molecules attaching themselves to one another through natural means. Pollution or man made water treatment techniques will tear this structure apart.
Structured water holds more hydrogen inside of the hexagonal structure supplying your body with the most essential element your body needs to function properly. ( See “ What do the experts say”)

What do the experts say?

Albert Szent – Gyorgyi, the father of modern biochemistry, discovered that organs store large amounts of hydrogen. Aging is directly connected with loss of hydrogen. When these “pools” of hydrogen are depleted the body will draw hydrogen from inside the cells causing wrinkles and thinning skin. When hydrogen is available symptoms of disease and aging naturally diminish.

Dr. Shik Mu Jhon said: Structured water is a more efficient water it improves hydration, more effective detoxification, better nutrition absorption and better cellular communication.

Dr. F Batmanghelidj in his book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water states : Water is a natural medicine for some very serious medical conditions that are known to
kill many. In my professional and scientific view it is dehydration that is the biggest killer.