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Our History

“You just have to get people to drink the water”, Marty said. “Once they start drinking it they’ll notice the results.”

Marty had many stories about how this special water made plants grow larger and fuller, how cows would increase milk production and chickens would lay more eggs. People would swear when they drank the water that anything from arthritis to their Parkinsons disease seemed to get better. See, Marty was a salesman selling a water system door to door, much like a hairbrush salesman used to sell products to consumers.

How this worked is this system gets plumbed into the water line of a home or farm and changes the quality of the water. Because of the resulting molecular change of the water the water feels smoother, rust no longer sticks, bad smells in the water disappear and stories of better feeling hair, skin, clothes and health seemed to follow.

But these systems cost several thousand dollars to install. What about those that can’t afford it or renters. All of us at H2O Energy Flow asked could a system be put on a bottling plant and bottled up so anyone could have it? That was tried by the creator of the system in his home state of Pennsylvania with little success so he concentrated his efforts on the agricultural side of his invention.

We decided we needed to educate the consumer. We understood that water is the most important thing for the health of ones body and that all water is not created equal. Pointing out the scientist and educators that have studied water for most of their lives like Dr Batmanghelidj and Dr.Masaru Emoto. New discoveries from books like Dancing with Water and The Fourth Phase of Water.

This lead us to a bottler that would put the devise on his bottling line and bottle up our first H2o Energy Flow. After our first couple of weeks there as we came in one day things seemed amiss. We learned that a long time employee, a 57 year old man named Dan was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The prognosis was not good and doctors were estimating his life span of 6 to 12 months. Dan’s decision to do chemo and radiation left him weak and tired out. Though he was working part time now we met him weeks later and asked how he was doing. He replied that the worst part was that the radiation left his throat extremely dry and the corners of his mouth cracked and dry. We told Dan to take some of our water home since it would hydrate him better and help him detox these poisons out of him. Dan ran up to us two days later exclaiming, look at my mouth its not cracked anymore and I have my strength back. We said great, just keep drinking the water. Dan breezed through his cancer treatment so well the doctor actually asked him what he was doing since he had never seen anyone do as well as Dan did without any side effects. The nurses gave him the nickname The Ironman. Dan’s explanation that he thought it was the water he was drinking that made the difference had little effect on the doctor. As of this writing it has been about two years since Dan’s diagnosis and I understand he is doing well.

At H2o Energy Flow we don’t claim anything “magical” about the water or its process. Just structuring it back to the way nature intended it to be allowing the body to perform at it’s peak.