Learn the Success Secrets from the Owner of H2O Energy Flow

Interview by, Jasper Dayton, Founder of Wellness Business Success Secrets 
and Brand Builder from of BrandWorx Productions, a premier branding company
Published on 07/18/17, a BrandWorxProductions.com creation.

In the Wellness Business Success Secrets interview Mark shares with us:
• What made him want to start a water business?
• What most people do not know about water.
• What constitutes a successful business.
• Mark shares his life’s lessons that might help others achieve success.

Mark Bublitz shares with Jasper Dayton why he chose to be an entrepreneur in the wellness industry along with how he has developed a successful business by solving his own health issues.

Mark Bublitz, is the founder of H2O Energy Flow bottled water and a Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor that chose a healthier lifestyle and new career at the age of 50 when his doctor caught his attention with a diagnosis of high cholesterol.

Bublitz started on a path of research by spending more time at a health food store, in West Bend, WI where he met a natural health and nutrition guru.

Energy and water had the biggest effect on his new direction and were the two subjects he thought about the least in his former life. Learn how Mark transformed his own health and his path to business success.

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